Personal dats

Jesse Noble

I’m here writing you to tell you a little about my story and how I got here. Years ago, I fell into the trap of thinking that “big successes happen from big ideas and big pockets”. Sure, big ideas can motivate you to achieve some amazing dreams and aspirations, but I now strongly believe that they are born from great teams filled with talented and skilled individuals who believe in a common goal. Now, I know that’s no shocker to many, but that began a complete mentality shift for me to discover my personal calling in creative direction and design.

My Passion

I genuinely believe in small business. I believe in that original entrepreneurial spirit, starting small and gaining traction and clout while growing a company and a brand that lasts. I believe in people and the power that beautiful, well-curated design has on them, how it makes them feel and calls them to action. I love to work with others, collaborating and innovating with them on all kinds of projects and businesses to find the best possible solution.

I chose to enter the field of creative design because I feel it embodies some of the beauty and uniqueness of the human mind through creativity and self expression. I believe in marketing done right that makes you actually feel something and leaves a lasting impression.